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Toronto, ON
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Keith Acedera

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Hello, my name is Keith - a dreamer, a traveler, a foodie, a music lover, a friend, a father of two beautiful girls, and a photographer in love with the most amazing person I know. I live and enjoy life day by day, seeing that life is short and we cannot get these moments back. I travel in and around my home town of Toronto, Canada, documenting the most important day in the lives of people. I'm a lucky guy to have the opportunity to do my passion that I can call my job. 
What I like about weddings are all the emotions and feelings that gather in one place with one sole purpose. The day of the wedding goes by very quick, but what will remain for the next months and years to come are the memories and images. My objective is to capture those moments and to give the best memories in a creative way. 
Every wedding is different, which means your story will be different & unique in itself. There is a story in every photo and I would be most honored to tell your children through my vision about this BIG DAY of yours.
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