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Bethany Cox

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We met at a lifeguarding class. Being two of the few students who could actually swim efficiently, we bonded on the side of the pool, talking smack about the other students as they slowly made it through the 500-meter swim. Our first kiss was the stuff of legends and involved a deserted island, bioluminescence in the ocean, and a star-filled sky. Before we knew it, we were becoming partners for life on a stormy morning in the Outer Banks of NC. We were married by the time we were 21 and 23. This March (2018) we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. #lifers 
We became wedding photographers because we loved each other. Four months after our wedding day, we set off on a kayak adventure, paddling from Maine to Key West. This took us over a year and a half, 2500 miles, through some of the worst and best days of our lives so far and cemented our love for one another. On that trip, we realized that we wanted to be together all the time, not trading our numbered days for a number on a paycheck. This business is how we made that happen in our love story. 
We share our lovely little apartment with our sweet little dog, Hattie. Most of our time is spent snuggling her, hustlin' in our home office, watching YouTube, surfing, and dreaming about travels and fresh ideas.
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