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Based In: East Midlands England
Phone: 01636 673800
Average Price: $$$$
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Samantha Hook
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About Samantha Hook:
This is SO hard, but I guess I'll start with why I do this job. My Dad. My Dad is my hero, so as a child I loved to share his passion for photography. His other passion is drumming, but my brother got the drumkit. I guess things could have turned out very differently. 
Now I get to work with amazing, creative, fun couples on documenting one of the biggest days of their lives. My couples choose me because they share my vision for story-telling, captured moments and a bit of drama. Also, we just click! My best work comes when my clients become my friends. 
As for my style: it's been described as atmospheric, intriguing, cinematic and story telling. No, I'm not entirely sure what all that means either, but I guess the photographs tell you more than a list of words can. I just tell your story as I see it. And I love it!
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
Located just off the A1 south of Grantham, I travel all over the UK and Europe. Travel charged at cost.
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