Ivan Perez

Iván Pérez Fotógrafo
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Based In: Norte de España
Phone: +34657795379
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Ivan Perez
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About Ivan Perez:
"Addicted to capturing moments". That's how I define myself if you ask for it. 
Passionate about people becoming emotional with my photographies, filling them in each shot with pure emotions, own's and else's, of tears and smiles, of moments of silence, of kisses and caress. 
My photographies speak about feelings, of the things we love, of family. They speak about life, about my dreams and yours. Because I know that a good photography has to be capable of narrating its story, without words, without languages... 
With any doubt, the best way to define my photography is: 
"An instant lasts a few seconds; a photography, the whole life"


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