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Based In: San Diego, CA
Phone: 619 881-7292
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Chris Trementozzi
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About Chris Trementozzi:
At Next To Me Studios, we believe that the place by your side is special, as are the people who fill it. That the people you choose to stand next to in life make it meaningful. That taking a photo plants the seed of a story that will be retold over generations. And those photos should feel authentic, which is why we use a 'crafted candid' approach to photography. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to capture the relationships that matter most, during the momentous occasions of your life. We can't wait to hear from you!
Describe your "style" of wedding photography.
We are Visual Storytellers and approach every shoot as a collaboration. We want the shooting experience to be fun and easy—it’s how we capture photos that are True to You. We Seek Beauty believing that nothing is more beautiful than our relationships, and by being Fully Present we are able to create the moments, interactions and experiences that honor our bonds with those who are dear. Our greatest desire is that years from now you’ll look back on your photos and remember these days as if they were yesterday. We are Memory Makers.


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