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Constantin Antochi

Constantin Antochi

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I fell in love with wedding photography. In the beginning there was only passion for photography mixed with my social nature, basically me feeling comfortable among crowds and shooting pictures. But this passion grew stronger with each new event I took part in. After a couple of years I realized there are no identical weddings. Therefore you cannot reach a professional limit as a wedding photographer as long as you like what you're doing and you are willing to set new boundaries. Time after time, the trust people have placed in me had allowed my style to reach new heights. I love the emotions, the rush, the smiles and happy tears, and I can enjoy every single one of them because after 15 minutes spent together we'll feel like we've known each other since always. I can't say I'm working because I love what I do. That is why I constantly try to reach a new limit. Would you help me break it?
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