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Darshan Stevens

Vancouver Island, BC
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Darshan Stevens

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I feel so fortunate to be a Wedding Photographer! It is the perfect occupation for me - I love beauty, and I love authenticity and I love capturing little moments (and big ones) from the perspective of a fly on the wall. A fly with a camera. 
I was trained as a photojournalist, so I describe my shooting style as editorial with a flair for fine art. Because of my photojournalism experience my eye is honed for the candid and the spontaneous, but I am also a lover of art, shape, form and design. And I follow the light. I am literally obsessed with the quality of light, and how to use it to make you look spectacular. I'm also a little obsessed with self-improvement, so I spend my days off taking new wedding photography workshops, or out practicing new techniques, or checking out new equipment or chatting with previous clients turned friends.
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