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Jamie Poh

Vancouver, BC
Jamie Poh

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...Lover of coffee, alpacas, epic hikes, ice cream and travels. 
I am a Family and Wedding Documentary Photographer located in Burnaby, BC, currently offering services in the Greater Vancouver Area, Squamish, Whistler, Islands, Interior & Worldwide! 
If you had asked me after graduating from film school where my career would have taken me, I wouldn't have guessed photographing weddings & families. But that's life. You plan for it, you set goals and sometimes it doesn't quite turn out the way you thought. Sometimes it's better. I have been in the wedding & family photography industry since! 8 years later, I'm still just as obsessed with the magic that happens on this special day. From epic-sweaty-palmed-helicopter-proposal to super-duper-happy-drunken-party reception and everything in between, I'll be there to capture your story in a way that speaks true to you.
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