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Lucy Mohr

Lucy Mohr

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I'm a versatile photographer who never gives up creating the most exciting, dynamic, emotional images I can. My clients say one of my greatest strengths is that I put them at ease; to the point that they actually enjoy having their pictures taken. My work is a collaboration of light, moment, composition, a great relationship with the people I'm photographing... and a little bit of magic.

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

I'm in Canterbury in Kent, but yes, I do travel, though I may need to charge travel costs if your venue is very far away.

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

Documentary photography, but also with a focus on creating stunning portraits and epic group shots.

What's the typical wedding coverage package that you offer? What is the price?


Do you have a studio where we can meet? Do you use Skype?


What are your professional degrees, credentials, affiliations? Have you taken any recent educational workshops or classes?

I trained with the war photographer Marco di Lauro, and also the travel photographer, Timothy Allen. My degree is in journalism, which is why its really important for me to 'tell a story' with your images. I've also completed portrait photography at Central St. Martins.  
My work doesn't solely focus on weddings. I won The Big Picture in The Telegraph newspaper for a portrait of nomadic bridesmaids I took during time in Mongolia documenting the Eagle Hunters.  
I won bronze for Better Moments Photographer of the Year for my work in Siena photographing the Palio. I've featured on BBC news for my coverage of unaccompanied children during the refuge crisis and been published in various newspapers for the same work, as well as for sports photography. I occasionally exhibit personal projects, but I'm very excited about becoming a Fearless Photographer, and my aim is to win a lot of Fearless Awards!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

When I'm not making pictures, I'm with my two small children- who are the light of my life- and riding my horses (whom I compete showjumping and eventing). I play the piano, love cooking and am also a bit of a clumsy ditz! 
What I can guarantee you if you have me as your wedding photographer, is that you'll have someone who puts their heart and soul into making your day even more wonderful, with images you can treasure.

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