Anne-Claire Brun

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Anne-Claire Brun
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About Anne-Claire Brun:
At 23 years old, I left France to travel for a year and I never went back. I learned about light and photography while being on the road in a van across Australia. I moved around a lot and although I'm based out of California now, I'm willing to travel worldwide to shoot awesome love stories. 
I'm inspired by natural light, raw emotions, nature, people, beauty and breathtaking backgrounds. My style is romantic, honest, full of natural light, candid moments and emotions. It's also soft, creative, poetic, inspiring and intimate. 
On your wedding day, you chose one person to spend the rest of your life with, and you bring together all the people you care about to witness it. It's only for a day and it's incredibly precious. I know how important it is to capture these moments, relationships, details and emotions.  
I love the peaceful, quiet times before the day really starts. I love hearing about the couples' stories, seeing them interact with their families and friends. I love the energy when people dance. I love the beauty behind details, moments, people. I love the pure, raw happiness of that day.


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