Jacob Suissa

Black Swan Foto
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Based In: Montreal
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Jacob Suissa
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About Jacob Suissa:
I am a photographer and owner of Black Swan Foto. 
I see weddings as stories and every story is different in its own way. 
From its inception, Black Swan Foto has always been about offering a new and fun experience. Effort is not negotiable. Being as passionate about producing outstanding imagery as I am, effort also comes naturally. 
No matter how hard work can be, I can never hide the joy I feel on a wedding day. I devote all my attention to moments of emotion and my surroundings. 
Shooting countless weddings has been a blessing in meeting amazing couples and sharing so much fun with them on their very special day. 
I love reading the light. My passion is to write it. 
I would be honoured to share this experience with you.


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