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Based In: Toronto
Phone: 1 647 895 2128
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Nadiya Marwah
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About Nadiya Marwah:
My goal is bold and simple. I want to tell stories through pictures. I believe in collaborating my vision with yours. I am a full time photographer currently based in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. I love traveling, Auroville, medium roast black coffee, dogs, sushi and music. I am hoping to move someday to the mountains. Yes, I am that type, the type that does not want to be in city life too much. 
I found photography about 4 years ago and we have had quite a roller coaster ride since then. 'We' i.e, me and photography met through a friend and a mentor, Joe and in an instant 'we' totally hit it off on our first meeting. I found myself expressing freely, going on long walks together. Bob (my Canon 6D) has been very patient in this relationship. We have had days where we haven't talked to each other at all and I am glad we are going steady now. Bob and I want to together capture real, loving, genuine, the little things and the big stories for you. We'd both love to listen to your stories and go on an adventure together.


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