Shaun Carr

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Based In: London, UK
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Shaun Carr
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About Shaun Carr:
I make pictures of events that really happen. I try to fill my photographs with personality, honesty and feeling. I record what's in front of me. Every wedding is different. It's a collaboration between us where all you need to do at your end is enjoy yourself. The more you do, the better the photography. 
I won't boss you around or make you stand around for hours until you're irritable and bored. You just get on with enjoying your day. I understand that shooting the odd group shot is inevitable, and I'm OK with that - but remember that organizing family members into neat lines of forced smiles isn't what your wedding day is about. In my opinion neither should the photography be. It's worth more than a production line of the same old shots. It should be real and emotional and full of expression. 
The more time people spend standing around waiting for formal photos, the less chance those moments have to happen by themselves. 
I don't want to miss any of it and neither should you. Get out there and have fun, I will too and the photos will be better for it.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I'm in Buckingham UK but I'm happy to travel. If the wedding is more than an hour away from me I prefer to get there the night before to minimize the risk of any problems arising. In this instance I'd ask you to pay for accommodation and potentially for a train or plane ticket depending on where it is. I'm happy to go for the absolute cheapest options though to keep the price down.
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