Heather Betz

Clean Slate Wedding Photography by Heather & Rob
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Based In: Baltimore
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Heather Betz
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About Heather Betz:
I'd like to think my superpower is invisibility when capturing candid photographs. There is nothing I enjoy more than capturing the essence of people with their natural smiles, glances or sweet tears of a groom seeing his bride for the first time as an example. I love love. And I love capturing it. I've been shooting with the love of my life for four years now. And I can't imagine doing anything else. It's a dream capturing the beauty of people whether in a serious moment or a funny one and immortalizing it. Photography is timeless to me and it's the raw emotion of the moment that will span history. The importance of one's wedding day photographs is what I treasure and hold with great care. I become a part of the family for the day. Laughing, smiling and letting the bride and groom feel like they can just be themselves and comfortable is the kind of feedback I have received over the years. It's the nicest compliment when a bride thanks me for capturing "us being us" on their big day.


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