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J. Jones Photography
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Based In: Greenville
Phone: 864-477-9171
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Josh Jones
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About Josh Jones:
We specialize in capturing unique, modern wedding day images that focus on capturing the emotions behind the day.  
We believe that beautiful, timeless images should be created in-camera, without having to resort to spending hours in Photoshop trying to make the image look "cool". Our couples typically don't just want pictures taken at their wedding, they want art that incorporates what is most important to them as a couple. They don't just want a bunch of staged photos showing who was there, they want candid images that capture the emotions that were felt at that very time. After all, anyone with a good camera can simply document who came to your wedding and what they looked like, but it takes a skilled photographer with an eye for lighting and the experience to know when to "time" those critical shots that will really take you back to how you felt the day you got married.


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