Travis C. Stitt

Based In: Philadelphia
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Travis C. Stitt
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About Travis C. Stitt:
I love creating big, bold, rock star images that grab the viewer and drag them into the image. I want the image to take their breath away, but more importantly take the viewer on an emotional journey. To me it's about bold, vibrant, images that capture the color of life and all it entails. The best days in the world, are the ones where my clients can't wait to show their images to their friends and family, not only because they are good images, but because they feel the images truly capture how awesome they truly are. I am located outside of Philadelphia and incredibly proud to say I am half of the Uncorked Studios team. My wife, and better half, composes the other half and together we constantly push each other to take bigger, bolder, and more epic images. As sappy as it sounds, I am the luckiest guy in the world to be working alongside my wife at our events. Everyday is a blast, and a new challenge, working with her and I feel this energy is translated directly into our images.


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