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Harsheen Jammu
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Hi I am Harsheen Jammu. I graduated from business school in 2015 & started my wedding photography business with the name of "Ombre". 
I am not one of those people who had an indomitable passion of clicking pictures right from childhood and thus had photography as a natural choice of career and profession. In fact, photography came in my life as a natural savior when I was undergoing a rough patch about 5 years back. At that time, it was simply an instrument to channelize my emotions and express them through my pictures. And in that relentless flow of expression, I never realized when capturing emotions became the source of my existence and a fuel for life. 
My pictures are an unadulterated combination of my view of the world, the light and your expressions and feelings. I operate with a very simple dictum - create pictures that convey the most of life in that stillness of a single frame. 
Photography is not merely a passion or a hobby or a career for me. It is a way of communication for me to make pictures that convey a story that might be difficult to express through the language of words.


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