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Dharmil Doshi

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I am Dharmil Doshi, a photographer recognized for my expertise in perfect framing, timing, and composition. As a photo director at WeddingNama, I am dedicated to my craft. 
My shooting style, which I call 'Ninja,' involves studying my subjects intensely and visualizing the ideal photograph before capturing the moment. I'm often lost in the moment, absorbed in creating the perfect shot. 
Based in Mumbai, I am passionate about photography and travel. Joining WeddingNama after completing my diploma in 2013, I've since become an integral part of the team, handling numerous projects and contributing to over 150 weddings. 
I thrive on the challenges of wedding photography and enjoy collaborating with fellow photographers and assistants to create memorable images. 
Working with WeddingNama allows me to explore new places and meet inspiring individuals, which fuels my creativity. I approach my work with sincerity, always striving for perfection. When you work with me, you can trust that you're in capable hands.


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