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Constantinescu Costin

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I am a Montreal, Quebec based photographer that takes great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people and subjects that I photograph. My style has been described as creative, fun, engaging and relaxed. 
I understand that in order for me to capture beautiful images I must create a relaxed environment. I accomplish this by engaging in conversations, listening with my ears and camera, and paying close attention to the smallest of details. 
I started photographs at about 10 years old, I have graduated a photography school and took part in a myriad of photography courses and seminars. For approximately two years I was employed at the Carnival Cruise Line as an advanced wedding photographer and also handled studio shooting. I had the joy and opportunity to photograph in various countries and to witness many traditions in countries like USA, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, The Republic of Moldavia. 
My love for a wedding is a complex thing, born from and sustained by all that inspired me, my passion for a great story, a craving for lovely things, my desire to create beauty and love.

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

We are located in Laval, close to Montreal. If the event is in Montreal, Laval or nearby we are not charging a travel fee.

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed as the main photographer?

I have been photographer more than 10 years and I shot more than 300 wedding, photo session or other events.

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

Is hard to define my style! :) Lighting is a key component of photography. I really love to play with lights, to have a fun and unique moments with the groom and bride, to play with the colourful colours, to find the best locations and background and many more.

What's the typical wedding coverage package that you offer? What is the price?

All of our packages are flexible, depending on the desire of everyone.

Do you have a studio where we can meet? Do you use Skype?

Yes, we have a studio. 
Yes, we use Skype.

What are your professional degrees, credentials, affiliations? Have you taken any recent educational workshops or classes?

I graduated from the School of Photography, I have a Certificate in Advanced Wedding Photography, many other certificates related to photography and international awards.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

Please check our portfolio

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