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We are Cristian and Ozana, husband and wife, based in Bucharest, Romania and there's no other like us. Fortunately, we are all different, with different stories. And that' the beauty of weddings and love stories. We live for that. The real moments. The authentic ones. We truly believe that in years to come, when you look back at your wedding photographs, it is those moments that will matter to you. 
There will be breathtaking moments in your life, some you may want to keep only for yourself, but you may entrust the others to us. We'll be there beside you to document the whole day, in the most meaningful pictures we can take.

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We chose Cristi as our photographer for our baby’s christening. If you are a parent, you know how that first months seem like: zero sleep, lots of panic, a complete chaos. Add to this, organising a party and you can imagine the stress level. Perfect photos were the last of my concerns at that point and initially my mode was survive for the day:))). Fortunately, being surrounded by our dear friends, family and best photography team really helped. We were able to relax and Cristi shot some amazing photos of our baby with us and the rest of our guest. Not an easy task with a very anxious hungry Read More baby:))). I look at the album today and I cannot believe Tudor was that tiny. They are wonderful memories and I reccommend Cristi to anyone who wants a photograph with an eye for emotions.
With a big sense of humor, Cristi is that guy you need to work with during your wedding day. He gives you trust and encourages things to just be, so that even the ones hating the camera will find themselves smiling a lot while posing. Cristi feels the right moments and gives you photos that you can’t believe are real. Small gestures, funny moments, tears, energy, dance moves, smiles, giggles - will all be there in your photos.
Cristian and Ozana, his wife and photographing partner, were first recommended by a close friend in 2016 when we were getting ready for our wedding. The preliminary meeting with both of them went so smooth that we were sure we had made the right choice. And so we were!! Cristi has a unique sense of making you feel relaxed when you don’t feel at ease, he likes beeing close to the couple, he is calm and funny. He likes pinpointing the newly-weds and bringing them into attention, he likes photographing tiny details that no one would see if he wasn’t there.

We were so pleased with their work Read More that we contacted them again for our baby’s baptism. The way Cristi likes to bring out the happiness in people and their genuine feelings at that moment makes me treasure him even more. Some of the photos at our events made me cry because of how real they looked. If you need someone friendly who doesn’t make you sit up straight and forcely smile at your own wedding call Cristi and you won’t regret!!

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