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Ritabrata Mukherjee

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Moments of candour, moments of joy; Moments of love, moments of tears... They trickle, they slide, they burst & they boom! Candid moments strewn across on the elaborate wedding canvas waiting to be picked and polished, strung and beaded into an exquisite garland of human emotions. We scoop those precious pearly expressions and grab those subtle tender thoughts; wave our fine art magic wand and gift you the treasure of a wedding album. Every candid moment captured, every misty eye caught before it dries, every silent sigh heard in the din of wedding bells; Your wedding photographer is attuned to your heartbeats on your D-day. Capturing the essence of your special day requires a trusted team with a passion for storytelling. We, the Best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata, are dedicated to turning your moments into timeless memories. The refined simplicity of our imagery, and the soothing neutral colors are poised to elicit profound sentiments. Entrust your love story to our lens and let us unveil the magic that makes your day extraordinary.


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