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Anastasia Romanova

Anastasia Romanova

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Hi! I am Anastasia Romanova and I am a wedding photographer from New Jersey. I am newlywed to the love of my life who supports me and inspires me every day! To me it is more than a job, it is about capturing the bare emotion and sheer joy expressed during one of life's most fundamental occasions. Each wedding has a unique story, and it is my goal to preserve it in the most unadulterated form. I aim to capture moments that will convey the emotion of the day and make sure everyone is comfortable. No awkward posing! When you look through your wedding photos, I want you to feel like you are reliving that day just as it was. To feel those butterflies in your stomach and smile so much your cheeks hurt! Every bride and groom is different, and their story is unique, so every wedding deserves its own individual approach.
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December 17, 2016
Lisa + Gary
October 1, 2016
Natalie + Luis
September 4, 2016