These shots will make you want a wedding even after divorce, this is the thing I have in mind when I'm heading to any event that I have. I'm young, curageous, I do what I do with a passion that lives in every inch of my body and I will never stop learning photography. If I was to describe myself in one word that would be „work", as God only knows this is my biggest blessing and my biggest curse, I work with a mad ambition and with the purpose to be better than I was yesterday.  
I don't make photos, I catch the living light of someone's experience and I do a tremendous work so that my clients will see how beautiful they are, as beutiful as the meaning of the event they are attenting. I love what I do,I'll constantly improve my work, keeping in my mind that 50 years from now, at the end of the day, someone will see my art and smile.

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