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François Nisse
Fearless since 2020

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Over the past fifteen years, I have been an editorial advisor in various sectors, including politics, advertising or the publishing world. A strong author or consultant experience in communication with a deep understanding of visual arts rooted in an extensive technical background of graphic design and 2D engineering I've been practising for almost two decades (and well before credentials) very naturally drove me into photography. My signature combines a raw photojournalistic approach to a style aimed to simplicity, trying to understand refined imagery's components for timeless elegance. 
As my love partner as well as an experienced stylist and image consultant for theater and cinema, Perrine helps me to get the best of me in capturing details on the spot and igniting inspiration on many levels - all essential to excellent photography. She is a gift and is cheerfully and fully availabe to give you precious pieces of advices according to your dress, costume, floral decoration of your reception venue and, more importantly, help you to put into perspective the aesthetic appeal and balance of combinations of micro things for the best and genuine fit to you seek for your unique wedding.

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