Mathieu Louis-Seize

Mathieu Louis-Seize

Green Tea Photography

Based in Ottawa

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Better than cheesecake on a Wednesday, Matt and Ann are the founders and principle photographers of Green Tea Photography an internationally acclaimed studio based out of Ottawa, Canada and serving clients around the globe. 
Specializing in both photojournalism and creative fine-art we blend these two worlds together to capture and tell stories in the most emotionally impactful way possible. 
A bit about us? We met for the very first time on a cold November day over a steaming hot cup of green tea, which was the inspiration for our name and where our own story began. We now have two incredibly beautiful children together, love to travel, meet new people, cook, play video games and put hot sauce on just about everything . We are best friends and love experiencing and appreciating all that life has to offer.  
A bit about you? We'd love to hear more about you and your story! Be sure to reach, tell us a bit about yourselves and find out if we'd be the perfect fit to capture your day!

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