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In a world deadened by an avalanche of images and Instagram filters, I endeavor to deliver real photography that cuts through the clutter and delivers future moments of nostalgia - invoking emotion and encouraging reflection.  
I believe that when you understand how to truly see, beauty is everywhere. I am passionate about capturing and memorializing the beauty of humanity and love. At the end of the day, my craft, my art, is produced by combining my technical skill set and my artistic imagination to capture the true essence of life's most important moments. This is what I do. This is what I love. 
Who is the girl behind the lens? I have always identified with the words in Mary Anne Radmacher's powerful poem "Living Eulogy" ... "She danced. She sang. She took. She gave. She served. She loved. She created. She dissented. She enlivened. She saw. She grew. She sweated. She changed. She learned. She shed her skin. She bled on the pages of her days. She walked through walls. She lived with intention."

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

Denver, Colorado

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed as the main photographer?

Over 15 years

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

My goal is to deliver timeless images that will be as relevant in 50 years as they are today. I would use words such as classic, emotional, spontaneous, and surprising to describe my images. I loved the way fitness model Brooke Budke once described my style saying, "I really like your style of intense, authentic moments but still focused on pops of color and glam."

What's the typical wedding coverage package that you offer? What is the price?

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Do you have a studio where we can meet? Do you use Skype?


What are your professional degrees, credentials, affiliations? Have you taken any recent educational workshops or classes?

Brooks Institute of Photography, University of Colorado Boulder (BA in English Lit), Board Member WIPA


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