Andra Blythe

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I am a photographer based in the beautiful Bay Area who is obsessed with seeing the in-between moments and capturing what people don't realize they show. I am a positive, spirited, and quirky person who is always looking for an opportunity to laugh and firmly believes you shouldn't take yourself too seriously! Addicted to travel and exploration, I am willing to venture wherever necessary to chase the light. I like to think I am spontaneous, but mostly I am a neurotic planner who loves to wear flip flops and always has a camera in hand. 
I capture stories. I believe that honest human moments produce the most beautiful photographs. When working with me there will be no stiff awkward poses because I want you to feel like yourselves in your images. The genuine, sarcastic, teasing, and loving moments is what I will find. Together we will capture the little things and the big feelings that show your real love. My ultimate goal is to create photographs that are not only visually stunning, but that speak with genuine emotion and tell the story of real life, as it happens.

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