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Tanushree Vaidya

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Born and raised in Mumbai India, Tanushree has always been passionate about artistic pursuits.  
Always working towards the kind of work life she envisioned for herself, Tanushree found joy in the world of wedding photography in 2012 in Mumbai, India and never looked back. She spent 4 years as a Creative Director at Stories by Joseph Radhik; one of the most sought after photography studios in India. Her time there allowed her to experience weddings varying in size and scale; all while growing her skillset with a highly talented group of artists. 
In 2018, Tanushree moved to California to build her life with her then partner, now husband. She now runs her own photography studio, happy to lead teams of varying sizes to fit the needs of her clients. She loves photographing people, helping them put their best foot forward and creating portraits that are truly authentic to their personalities. 
When she's not working on her photography, Tanushree works on Kaapus Co.; a line of sustainable, block printed home linens she founded in 2022. She enjoys the design process and is passionate about supporting handicraft artisans in India.


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