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There are moments that must be printed, preserved, so that a tangible and indelible trace remains. Marriages are among those events in which it is not enough just to remember. There is no more beautiful emotion than when a story takes shape. Each love story is unique, there are those who start with the famous love at first sight and those who need years and fuss to really understand what is the bond that unites them. Each story has its own chronological line of events, expectations, dreams. Step by step and this is precisely why I believe in the importance of enhancing a story in the most effective way. Words will no longer be needed to describe, not even the usual wedding phrases that can be caught on the web, it will be enough to look at your shots to explain and tell your essence. 
I don't like to upset your day, but I will give an interpretation that is creative and at the same time reporting. Present but never intrusive, crazy but never exaggerating, freezing the reality in front of you without changing the dynamics, creating a story that is intertwined between the introspective and the artistic.

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