Los 10 mejores fotógrafos de bodas en México

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Juan Carlos Calderón

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2 Fearless Awards
The year 2012 was a very challenging year for me because I didn't have a job for 6 months straight. The only job I could find was an online coupon agency, something like Groupon, but locally. It was an extremely demanding job. I was in charge of the creative department and was editor as well for online ads of different local businesses. Many of these businesses I didn't even know but still had to make them look like they were “IT“. It was an 8 hour straight job in front of a computer creating the ads, answering emails, making phone calls and doing customer service and I was doing all this trying to be as charming and convincing as Steve Jobs, but I felt absolutely miserable.

One day I decided to send some pictures of mine to a photo contest advertised in a local paper. So I sent some I used to take during very relaxing photo-walks around Puerto Vallarta with Melissa on my my days off. And guess what? I won. And the prize was a position as 1st photographer in an exclusive resort! I felt like the luckiest man alive! But the thing is, I didn't know ANYTHING technical about photography, I didn't know about composition, ISO, shutter speed or apertures. I was a layman really. But my boss didn't care about technicalities and he told me very seriously on my first assignment: “Here's your camera, you have your first wedding at 6:00pm“. And I'm like: “ Oookay, I better make this work...“ LOL.

Fortunately for me (and most importantly, for the bride) the pictures didn't suck. But obviously, they were far from great and I didn't want to cheat myself or anybody else again, so after that experience I committed myself to become the best photographer I could be. I've been studying, training, learning and practicing since then and I've had never stopped.

Now, I am so grateful because I do what I love the most, in partnership with the person I love the most, my wife Melissa.

Now, that's my story.

I truly hope you like my pictures. They were created with love, hard work and true commitment to all our beautiful couples.