May be it all started in middle school. I don't remember exactly when. I helped my mom carrying a big lamp and a heavy duty cable always connected to the outlet, while she was filming with a pretty big and heavy camera. 
During those days I didn't care so much about models or camera brands, so I don't remember which camera it was. I just remember it used 8mm cassettes. I also helped her taking school pictures. 
I helped her in weddings and school pictures in return she let me experiment with the cameras. I used to do stop motion pictures with the action figures that survived my childhood and spent hours taking pictures of the birds and insects that I found close to my house. Perhaps it is because of those memories that I enjoy so much my work, and I get the flow that makes me require more of me, that makes me want to do each time a better job and at the same time to love each shot, each angle, each gesture, each detail, each place, each couple... 
Simply love each story that I have the fortune to tell.


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