Our Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Austria

Mazur Serhiy

Vienna, Austria
Hello! My name is Sergio. I am happy to welcome you in my cosmic creative reality. Nope, there are no photos from geyser planets' locations! My photos are about something so EARTHY and yet so wonderful living in us and among us - about true feelings and emotions that can be felt only by us - humans!

We all need some photos from time to time... And it doesn't matter where you live or what your nationality is. What does matter is what you feel, what I have in my hands, and what I see in my imagination.

I strive to make my photos a piece of art, an experiment, a challenge, an impression, an emotion!

If my photos catch your attention, I am happy that I was in the right moment, saw the scene and impressed you! In my camera lens, all the newlyweds are happy. And I enjoy watching their wedding movie together with them. I would be glad to get to your movie credits! We will create a unique story together!

I often meet my photoshoot characters really anywhere. So, don't get surprised if I approach to get to know you))
I keep a secret in my photos I am willing to share with everyone: 'If you listen to your heart, you will find the way'.
I always remain loyal to myself and my unique creativity that has a place for an emotional palette, motion expressions, mood dynamics and feelings metaphors! All the people in my photos are galaxies among the resonances of works created by various photographers all over the world! And I also have a dream! I'd like to paint a picture. Who knows, maybe you gonna inspire me for that?

Andreas Kiss

where wedding photography meets wanderlust

The mountains are full of adventure and full of surprises,
and therefore the perfect backdrop for the most romantic and intimate weddings! Saying "Yes" to each other while being surrounded by the mountaintops of the Alps, by friends and family, doesn't that sound magical? Or maybe it's just the two of you, eloping above the clouds, the Alps (and your wedding photographers!) being your only witnesses? 
Our couples travel from all over the world to get married here in Tyrol, Austria: runaway romantics, globetrotters, adventurous lovers, just like you!

And who are we, you ask? Well, we are Tanja and Andreas, two spontaneous, crazy Tyrolese and passionate photographers for romantic weddings in Austria and beyond. Together we are the Blitzkneissers! We know the Tyrolese mountains like the back our hands and 2014 we fell in love with photography and with each other. The rest is history...

Have fun browsing through our photos for small intimate wedding ideas and Austrian mountain weddings - we are looking forward to telling your love story!

We are Tanja and Andreas "die Blitzkneisser" we love that moment when two human beings celebrating their love! No matter where around the globe - or what time! It's all about emotion and deep breathtaking love! If you think we could be the couple to capture your love story just contact us - we do E-mail, FaceTime, Skype or just meet-up!! We are so excited getting in touch!