Our Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Texas

Tammy Blalock

San Antonio, TX
I am a San Antonio-based wedding photographer and I am going to capture your day, NOT CONTROL YOUR DAY by constantly posing, directing, or scripting YOUR DAY.

I believe in AND practice the Fearless Photographers' philosophy! I NEVER pre-envision stories or images from your special day. I let your day organically unfold and tell those stories—YOUR STORIES, 100% true, unscripted, unposed, unplanned, beautiful, glorious stories.

I am absolutely in love with capturing the kinds of weddings where there are more hugs than handshakes, the dance floor rumbles all night long, and chairs are pretty much rendered useless after dinner. Whiskey bottles are passed around, most of the wedding party has been best-best friends since kindergarten, Grams is likely to lose her shoes and your partner is much more emotional than you are. These kinds of weddings are my jam!

Since 2010, I have excelled in helping each of my couples plan for one of the very best days of their lives! I'd love to share my very personalized wedding experience, my super-human organizational abilities, and my U. S. Army combat skills (when needed) with you too.

I want your wedding day to be as perfect as you do! I am all in with my whole heart!

When I'm not behind my camera, you can find me hiking, cycling, backpacking, camping, enjoying water sports, listening to music, hunting for arrowheads, reading audiobooks, occasionally eating a few glazed donuts (my only weakness to sweets) and then re-starting my keto diet about every 10 days.