New York

Our Top 10 Wedding Photographers in New York

Kathryn Cooper

New York City
2 Recent Fearless Awards
Couples who want to document all the fun, zany, poignant, and not-so-traditional moments of their wedding: You've found your photographer match!

My goal is to capture your offbeat, wonderfully unique wedding no matter where in the world-or HOW in the world-you're celebrating. As a photojournalist who fancies plenty of creativity mixed with emotional candids, I'm able to deliver one-of-a-kind shots. My clients lean toward the nontraditional: Quirky, joyful, adventure-driven celebrations and photographs that make you look twice. And if you're not quite sure what you want to do for your wedding yet, I have dozens of ideas up my sleeve. Together, we'll brainstorm something that's absolutely magical.

I'm based in both New York and California, and work across the U.S. and worldwide. When not photographing engagements, weddings, and elopements, I work as a travel and humanitarian photographer in remote parts of the globe. I've worked on every continent except Antarctica, and rarely say no to an adventure. Some of my favorite hobbies include scuba diving, camping, cliff jumping, and hiking-many of which often make their way into my clients' photos, especially when we share common travel interests. After living in several different countries and photographing adventurous couples in dozens of parts of the world, I know there are still many adventures yet to come! So let's collaborate and capture something that's completely and utterly you.