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Lisa McWhirter
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My own story begins from England. I was born in Manchester but I have mostly grown in Finland. Having lived around Finland I found Turku to be my home, where I am now based in. I'm a crazy cat lady, who lives with her two little lions, oh and a fiancee' too of course. If I had to descripe myself with one sentence it would be: "I'm a storyteller who's heart beats for adventures." If only words could express how much my heart beats for the thrill, trips to the far-away lands, seeing the world in different lights, dancing bare feet with the locals, etc.  
I love documentary photography, especially weddings. Out of all the romantic things happening in the world, I still find a wedding the utmost symbolic event, full of beautiful moments to be captured and saved no matter the location, weather or lighting.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
Finland and England also Iceland.
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