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Andy Casota

Andy Casota

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My name is Andy and I am part of a team named Cabo Photography. It was started by me when I decided 4 years ago to become a wedding photographer and now has 6 members, 3 photographers and 3 videographers. I am a family guy with a gorgeous wife and a precious little girl and I am really excited by every love story that I encounter. It's a dream job for me. It's a job where I can spend my time with people that are happy and I am glad I can take part at their happiness. More than that I have the chance to write their story in images, in memories that will last for a life time. First of all with all the couples that we work with we become friends. I think it's very important to understand and adapt to every bride and groom you see because their story it's different and their photos will have to tell that story.
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