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Matt Theilen

Lake Tahoe, CA
10 Fearless Awards
Matt Theilen

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I am a photographer based in the Lake Tahoe area. My passion for photography started in the mid 90's when I was living out of my car in Yosemite Valley. I'd moved there to rock climb full time and the camera became a tool to document my adventures high up on the rock faces. I took that camera all over the country for the next 6 years and photographed whenever I could scratch up enough money to buy film. I had no training I just photographed what I saw and tried to get images published in the climbing magazines--which was a tough gig.  
Eventually I went to school and earned a BFA in photography and began to teach photography at the local university and community college. In 2006 I decided to formally start a photography business. In 2008 my wife Tara began photographing with me and it's been an amazing journey together as a husband-wife team. We love what we do and feel blessed to be able to tell the stories of people's lives with our cameras.
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