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Based In: Rome
Phone: +39 388 8650898
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Massimiliano Esposito
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You should hire me because I'm not just a photographer. Because your wedding is going to be important to me as my own. going to stick with you from the beginning to the end. And as i saw many weddings, I know how you feel at yours; i know the pressure but I'm going to help you to get through. I don't like ordinary photos; I love to capture the honest moments, the moments that you're going to remember forever. 
And after 20 or 30 years when you will take a look at the timeless photos, they're going to give you the same emotion what you have felt on your special day. I would love to find a beautiful connection between you and I. Once the trust is formed it is going to set a stage for some truly stunning images which are going to take your breath away.


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