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Based In: Central Italy
Phone: +39 3930366986
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Alice Franchi
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About Alice Franchi:
Traveling both in Italy and abroad, I realize my wedding photography with a reportage style, that is narrating every moment with an image, every detail in a very natural way, without poses or arranged settings and without making my presence felt. 
"Photography is mute, but the image in its visual language, speaks of truth ..." 
- Steve McCurry - 
Just like Steve McCurry says, it is reality that inspires me, narrating, through photography, the truth as it is, without filters or mediation.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
My location is located in a small village near Montecatini Terme, Pescia, also known as the Pesciatina Switzerland. My location is great, because I'm halfway between Florence and Forte dei Marmi (Viareggio) so all the cities between the two locations do not have to travel. 
In addition to these cities, the travel will be calculated over 50km included
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