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Ben Pollard

Ben Pollard

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I love to shoot weddings. I call myself a documentary wedding photographer; one that loves to take images that are quirky, alternative and fun. I like making photographs that capture the laughter, tenderness, colour and great moments in our lives. It's difficult to believe in the phrase "unobtrusive wedding photography" as anyone with a professional camera taking photographs is going to get noticed at a wedding. My philosophy is focused on getting great images, and that sometimes means being close to people in order to document emotions, and transpose the love that people feel for one another into my photography. However, despite my presence being a little obvious to start with, people soon relax and just enjoy the day. I would far rather this than be stood at the back of a room with a huge telephoto lens looking like a sniper! 
Outside of my work, I enjoy the company of my two Jack Russell terriers Barney and Holly who affectionately call "Pork Pie" and "Pickle". I have a wonderful baby boy Called Rupert and a loving partner called Helen who keeps my feet on the ground and cooks amazing meals.
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