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Based In: Central Italy
Awards Last 3 Years: 13
Andrea Corsi
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About Andrea Corsi:
Initially, I took pictures with black and white films which were mainly Ilford; then things began to change especially when I "met" and started to use a film named Velvia 50; from that moment on we never left each other! Times have changed so, in 2005, I decided to choose digital photography. I believe that digital photography is fundamental for those who want to turn to professional which is a very difficult field or, they simply have an amateur interest in photography.  
I really love reportage photography because it is able to touch the observer and, at the same time, it tells a story; I use this kind of photography also for ceremony shoots.I am a member of the most important wedding photojournalist associations in the world (WPJA, ISPWP). In 2012 I had about 40 winning photos both in national and international contests.


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