Robert Dumitru

Based In: Bucharest, Romania
Phone: 0727311865
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Robert Dumitru
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About Robert Dumitru:
R apid /Realistic/Rational/Reasoning/Reachable/Receptive  
O pen/Outgoing/Organized/Optimistic/Original  
B old/Balanced/Best/Business-like/Broadminded/Big-hearted  
E ffervescent/Efficient/Equipped/Experienced/Explorative/Evolving/Empathic  
R espectful/ Ready/Refreshed/Reliable/Responsible/  
T hankful/Trendy/Tactful/Thrilled/Tenacious/ Trustworthy  
All together and maybe none, I'll let you confirm my sayings when we will meet! I like to believe that I and my photography are one and the same and that "we" can be found in this world by the adjectives above. My photos are in fact pixels or materia containing all the emotions that you gathered in the day of your wedding together with my emotions; these collaborate and create your memories. Give it a try, let's build those memories together!


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