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Erlebnisse Photography
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Jessie Spurgeon
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About Jessie Spurgeon:
Hello, Friend! My name is Jessie. I'm an educator, traveler, and lover of happiness and adventure. Visually documenting life has been an indulgence of mine since my first black and white film photography class in junior high. 
For me, photography is a way to fearlessly document the beauty, bravery, and hope I see reflected in the world. 
The word Erlebnisse, by definition, is the inheritance of deeply felt and truly lived experiences. And, as a documentary photographer, my intention is to capture those moments during your wedding. The ones in which you are LIVING your truest love. 
All those people on my Instagram account and website? Those are very real people, in completely authentic moments. Because documentary photography is just that - the art of capturing organic moments that arise naturally. Which is very different than a formally posed portrait or selfie... you have an iPhone (and selfie stick) for that! 
And while I will certainly take some beautifully posed photographs, the strength of my genre lies in seeing your EXTRAordinary light in all those ordinary, in-between moments... 
Fleeting glances. Belly laughs. Eyes bright with love. Outrageous dancing. Soft kisses. Family dynamics. Sweet touches. 
THAT is documentary photography... [Erlebnisse].


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