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Passionate about this art that enchants everyone and makes us dive into a world of dreams and good memories. Anyone who sees him photographing immediately realizes that he is crazy about what he does! How else can you explain the fact of lying on the ground and climbing high places looking for an angle that not everyone would think of? 
Born in the interior of Bahia, he worked for a long time as a public school teacher, but in 2012 he decided to change the blackboard and chalk for the camera. He's the type of person who loves challenges and is almost never satisfied, when everyone thinks he's good, he believes it can still get better! He is always updating himself and trying to evolve his perception of what is happening around him. He loves what he does and it gives me great satisfaction to see on the faces of the people he photographs the joy of seeing the final result of a job done with great care and dedication.

1 Fearless Award

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