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Viviana Calaon

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Hi! My name is Viviana Calaón Moscova. I am Argentine and I am a destination wedding photographer from Ecuador. 
I am also an architect, a cat lover, an adventurous traveler, a vegetarian, a feminist, and also a romantic. 
In my thirties, I went on a trip to South America for two years. That adventure changed my life and I discovered in photography the wonderful possibility of treasuring the moment forever. And the thing is that I am very forgetful, I forget many things and if I do not remember them, I dream up. So, the camera was the magic that helped me keep my memory latent and I was no longer afraid to forget the faces and places I visited. Since those days I have never stopped taking photos. 
Now I live in Quito, but my home no longer has physical or geographical limits. I love traveling and photographing the lives of people, their families, their pets and homes; it's what really makes me feel alive. 
Give me your hand and let's take pictures of you! I promise you it will be an unforgettable experience and you will have the best memories you can imagine!

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