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Melinda Temesi-Guerini

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Together with my husband, we are passionate wedding photographers and we work together under the name Grazmel Photography. We are based and active in Budapest and Italy, but we are available to travel everywhere you need, since we are used to have wedding experiences abroad. Our wedding photography style is a mix of photojournalism and creative portraiture. Photography is our passion - and we believe to show that through our pictures.

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She is a lovely woman and she did a wonderful job.
I think Melinda and Graziano are one of the best photographers in Hungary. I am very satisfied with their work. I am always looking forward to seeing our wedding photos, they did a great job.
I LOVED to work with Melinda,she is like a friend while she makes professional photos of You and your loved ones....so it is fun to wotk with Her and you get the best and very special and unique photos...the photos of special moments :)

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