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Mohammed Aadil

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Weaving Eternal Impressions has been hard-wired into each member of the Roving Lens family.  
I'm going to be your friend from start to finish, so that you feel free to be yourself with me. You and your beloved will be like family to me. My aim is to see your loving bond through a REAL set of eyes. I capture 'real life' moments, not 'reel life' dramas. I live for colours and sentiments, lights and shadows, hopes and dreams. 
I've always admired the artistic side of Photography. My 'Memory-Crafting' work lets me see into the souls of people.

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

We currently have our head office in Chennai (Tamil Nadu | India). And yes, we do charge a travel fee for weddings that call our team outside Chennai City.

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed as the main photographer?

Roving Lens has been actively evolving for 4½ years now, and we have covered over 180+ weddings.

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

We rely on the intricate details that infuse your wedding with the light of truth. Every emotional moment matters! Perspective and Possibility guide our hands. Grace and Candour lend their wonder to each shot that Team Roving Lens captures for you. We savour the use of our strengths—natural tones, authentic moments, attention to detail, well-timed shots, and beautiful compositions. Indulging our ability to listen and observe, we rove as close as possible to your unique Love Story. Immersion in our craft helps us weave magical memories that you will cherish for decades. Your photos will sing a tale of elegant romance, classy gatherings, and singular emotions that span the spectrum of unbridled joy.

What's the typical wedding coverage package that you offer? What is the price?

We don’t have a fixed price. It all comes down to your preferences and what your Big Day needs. Roving Lens boasts tailored and beautifully customized packages for each of our clients.

Do you have a studio where we can meet? Do you use Skype?

Indeed we do. Feel free to visit our Website, we have our main office address there. And mobile numbers that you can use to contact us so we can help direct you to our destination. Please come over and experience what Roving Lens is all about.

What are your professional degrees, credentials, affiliations? Have you taken any recent educational workshops or classes?

Oddly enough, I hold a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering, which may seem like an entire universe away from what I currently enjoy doing. I just adore Photography, and it has apparently become my passion and destiny.


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Got to know about Aadil and Roving lens from my friend’s wedding. When I saw my friend’s photos, something was clearly standing out. I decided that I’m gonna book the same photographer for my event too. I’ve taken shoots with many photographers and Aadil and team clearly stands out in their professionalism and dedication. The way they are handling the couple is amazing. Not everyone will be comfortable with the camera; for some people, it might be their first experience itself; Roving lens team clearly understands this and gets the best out of the couple. They know how to get the best shots. Read More I’m totally satisfied with their work and their output. The final photos are also shared within 2 weeks.
Roving lens was one of the 4 teams I contacted during my search for wedding photography service. I received a detailed explanation of their services and the price quote. Mr. Aadil also spoke to me and my parents over the phone to get to know us better and understand our expectations. They had to cover 5 events spread over 3 days. He guided us and gave his inputs on the kind of photography that would suit each event based on the location, the number of guests and the decor. Some events needed more candid photographers while the others more traditional photographer. Their response was unique and Read More more focused on helping us than securing business. This is what made us choose Roving lens. One thing that stood out during my experience with roving lens was that the entire team worked with passion and rather than out of duty. They were enthusiastic through all the events and I became very comfortable with them, so much so that I felt they were a part of the festivities. We were not the easiest family to photograph and we did not cooperate much during the celebrations as everyone was busy. But Aadil made sure we gathered for the family photographs and captured great candid shots of the people that were close to me by being observant. I realised the importance of this when I received the photographs which exceeded my expectations. Also the albums were beautiful designed and were of great quality. I had a marvellous experience working with them.
This splendid association started on June 22, 2019 to be precise,when my daughter fished out Roving Lens on IG and asked me to contact them for the coverage of her wedding and related events. We are Tamilians settled in Pondicherry whereas the groom is a Bihari.Hence the wedding and all the functions related to it were to be a blend of both the cultures and customs.Since both the bride and groom are in Netherlands we were assigned the task of co-ordinating all the arrangements.

The first thing that impressed me was that Mr.Aadil himself came on line when I first called him.After initial Read More telcons and intros,it was decided that we meet in person.We fixed an appointment on 14 thJuly2019.Although it was a Sunday he was considerate enough to meet us.We met in his office in Chennai,on the third floor of his residence.The architecture and designing of the building greatly appealed to my senses.I kind of realised that it would be easy to convey our expectations to him.

Mr.Aadil came across as a warm, amenable,receptive and accommodative person,making absolutely sure that we r comfortable with him.
My daughter and her fiancé were looking for someone who would capture every moment of their great day naturally without being made to pose formally.Put in a nutshell they wanted a more candid coverage of all the events.we put forth all our expectations to Mr.Aadil,he was quick to acknowledge and shared his concerns as well( venue,decor,lighting etc.,)

He was particular that he meet both the bride and groom in person,and made it a point to visit them both during their visit to India .With so many personal meetings our association metamorphed from photographers to friend to family.

Aadil ensured that he got in touch with Ms.Priya of Tip Top planners who was entrusted with the decor, lighting etc. for the events.
Aadil and his team are thorough professionals They just blended in the crowd without making the guests awkward about being photographed in the informal events like sangeet, haldi or mehndi.

Aadil and team totally assured that all our concerns were addressed.My husband’s request was that the photographers team avoid masking all events on stage with their presence and gadgets and Roving Lens team actually did that. Kudos to them.The guests were able to enjoy the events live!

At the end of the day we were one satisfied happy lot.The photographs speak volumes,reflecting the mood,emotions and vibes of all the events.The riot of colours of the decor and ambience of sangeet and haldi stand frozen in time,being captured by Roving Lens.My personal favourite are the beautiful candid captures of my daughter’s smile and whole hearted laughter.

Our daughters’ dream wedding is now digitally frozen for eternity.Should mention here the album layout and print quality.So true to life it is.Thank you Roving Lens and team.Now waiting for the next opportunity to hire their services.

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