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Diana Zuleta is a professional advertiser and a passionate photographer. The combination of these two roles makes her a passionate creative in the world of image and communication. She knows exactly how to capture the best photos using composition, lighting, and landscapes... the kind of photos that speak for themselves! 
D Zuleta's photography not only transmits emotions but also spreads them! Her photos demonstrate that this experienced and clever photographer understands very well that the power of human communication lies not in words, but in the eyes, tears, hugs, and genuine smiles that come from within. 
With her sensitivity, Diana Zuleta captures everything that would otherwise go unnoticed, from the beginning to the end. 
And finally, still leaving a last surprise, D Zuleta incorporates a different, creative, and even entertaining approach in her work. She captures photos in completely unconventional spaces, resulting in innovative, eye-catching, and uniquely aesthetic pictures. These photos narrate the languages of other spaces, their dynamics, and their people, forever leaving us with the best memories!

1 Fearless Award


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