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Sasha Reiko

Arriving from Seattle, WA
Years ago I spent all my time abroad photographing my way through street markets in search of mind-blowing street food and handmade artwork to bring home. I loved riding scooters through palm tree groves and getting lost. I fell in love with capturing different cultures, expanding my perspective, and all the beautiful chaos. I was living the dream and letting the world's cultures wash over me. I've been lucky enough to explore over 40 countries and continue to take trips somewhere new each year to keep the inspiration alive.

I'm a lighthearted, tree-hugging, bad ass multi-tasking, cat loving, adventurous spirit. I believe in trying new things, traveling as much as possible and loving my people hard. Weekends are for weddings, outdoor adventures, family, farmers markets, trying new restaurants, or chillin in my hot tub with a negroni and a Nat Geo.Having said that, the PNW is where I call home. I was born and raised in Seattle and will always be in love with the smell of rain, being surrounded by mountains, and going on awesome outdoor adventures.

Photography chose me and I embraced it. Self taught and armed with a passion for documenting life, photography gives me balance, perspective, and allows me to see things in a different light. Making a living doing something I'm passionate about is pretty much the best thing ever. I love building new relationships, supporting my community, and create something bigger than myself.

Nowadays you'll find me decked in camera gear rallying a rowdy wedding party, collaborating with local business owners to launch their new brand, or on a mountain top with a newly engaged couple laughing our asses off. My clients believe in my ability to tell their story and in that vulnerability and trust comes honest images that make them feel confident and understood.

It's an honor. Every. Single. Time.
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