Best 100 Fearless Awards of 2023

As often happens, especially in Southern Italian weddings, there is a moment when all the guests who are at the bride's house come out to wait for her and, as per tradition, wish them luck and prosperity by throwing rice.

That day I too had gone out to wait for this moment and photograph it but the bride and her father still lingered a little inside with some closest family members while there were other people still going out. I had the feeling that something was happening so I ran in and saw this scene of the bride consoling her grandfather, who as you can see is wearing those oxygen tubes, who had burst into tears with emotion.

The photo was taken with a very wide focal length because there were so many people around and I literally had to squeeze myself into this scene and I was very close to Angela and her grandfather who only noticed me at the end when I lowered the camera after a series of about 50 shots. The moment is really intense, it encompasses not only what you actually see, but everyone can see themselves in a situation like this and I was the first to do it while I was there taking photographs.